Nomination for Arezoo Moseni

Senior Librarian

The New York Public Library, Mid-Manhattan Library, The Art Collection

New York, New York


Pradeep Dalal

New York, NY


1. How long have you known the nominee and how did you come to know him or her?

I have known Ms. Arezoo Moseni for about four years. In the beginning she helped me with tracking books and references for my research on art and photography when I was a graduate student at the International Center of Photography. Later, after I graduated she invited me to submit a portfolio for consideration for an exhibition on the wall on the third floor. I did eventually exhibit at the Library and also had a public presentation with a curator as part of my exhibition.


2.  Please list a few ways in which the nominee has helped you and others and made your experience of the library a positive one.

Ms. Moseni has helped me understand the complexities of surviving as an artist in New York by helping me find appropriate books and web sources, and more importantly organizing a valuable lecture series on careers and also on artists presentations. My exhibition at the New York Public Library resulted in a follow up exhibition at the Miami-Dade County Public Library. She made many helpful recommendations for public outreach for my show and helped me approach my art practice in a more professional way.


3. How has the library, and the nominee, improved the quality of your life?

The NYPL is a very valuable part of my artistic practice. I come and look at many books for inspiration and ideas. Whenever I am stuck with a particular problem, I come and look at other artists work to help get me out of my rut. Ms. Moseni has contributed to my awareness of the larger art world by posting announcements for exhibitions in the city, and for alerting me about the latest books and videos that I might find useful. Recently she suggested a new DVD of the architect Santiago Calatrava. She is alert to new developments in the arts and is very generous in sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm.


4. How does the nominee make the library a better place? Please be specific.

The arts on the third floor is a terrific use of the library - I always look for new artists work as I get off the elevator. Ms. Moseni encouraged me to have teh first public discussion of my work at the library. Many friends, colleagues, and the public had a chance to see my art work. As a result one high school student from Queens wroter a term paper on my exhibit and then invited me to speak at the career day at her high school. Ms. Moseni enables such rich sharing within the larger community that I would not have accessed by myself.


5. How has the librarian made a difference in the community?

Yes. I still use the extensive and up to date photography book selection at NYPL that Ms. Moseni has been quite instrumental especially with recent acquisitions. I now teach at the International Center of Photography and send my students to the library to do research and I too come and look for case studies for my classes and Ms. Moseni has been most helpful with pertinent recommendations.