Nomination for Arezoo Moseni

Senior Librarian

The New York Public Library, Mid-Manhattan Library, The Art Collection

New York, New York


Patricia Dahlman

Lyndhurst, NJ


1. How long have you known the nominee and how did you come to know him or her?

I have known Arezoo Moseni for nine years and met her in an art and business program at Aljira Center for Contemporary Art in Newark, NJ.


2.  Please list a few ways in which the nominee has helped you and others and made your experience of the library a positive one.

Arezoo has organized a number of outstanding programs at the Mid-Manhattan Library that are very beneficial to the library patrons, the general public and artists. I participated in the "Art In the Windows" program. I made two site specific installations that were located in two display case windows in the front of the library on Fifth Avenue at street level. Not only did this allow me to communicate with a broad audience, it brought actual art work to library patrons and the general public.


3. How has the library, and the nominee, improved the quality of your life?

This opportunity allowed me to work in a different way and communicate to a new audience. It was an amazing experience and was my first public art works.


4. How does the nominee make the library a better place? Please be specific.

Arezoo is bringing art to the Mid-Manhattan library and bringing the library to artists. It is an exciting venture. If one is sitting and reading in the Mid-Manhattan Library Art Department one can see an actual art work and not only read about one but see one. For the exhibiting artist it is a way to communicate to a new audience.


5. How has the librarian made a difference in the community?

Arezoo is bringing art not only in books but actual art to the community at large.