Nomination for Arezoo Moseni

Senior Librarian

The New York Public Library, Mid-Manhattan Library, The Art Collection

New York, New York


Nicole Cohen

New York, NY


1. How long have you known the nominee and how did you come to know him or her?

I met Arezoo Moseni, librarian, at an art opening in New York on 57th Street about two years ago. She was interested in my art work, as I am an artist, and invited me to have an exhibition at the Mid Manhattan Library in NY. I exhibited in the windows on 5th Ave, with a lot of extra help and support of Ms. Moseni.


2.  Please list a few ways in which the nominee has helped you and others and made your experience of the library a positive one.

She helped me by meeting me, with coffee at 7 am in the winter, to install my exhibition. She wrote me a recommendation to get grant funding for my project and was always available to help me in any way she could for the success of the exhibition at the library. She also helped me for many hours installing in the windows for 5th Ave. Then she introduced my work and memorized my bio to say to the public. It was the most impressive introduction I have ever received.


3. How has the library, and the nominee, improved the quality of your life?

I used to go to the library very frequently before this exhibition to use books when I taught courses at the Art Students League of NY. I love the books here and enjoy my time at the library, so I would say that it has certainly improved my life. In addition, Ms. Moseni is always a pleasure and helpful, so she has helped me further my career as an artist through the library and as a colleague.


4. How does the nominee make the library a better place? Please be specific.

Yes! Arezoo is very friendly, generous, and very well informed librarian who is eager to help and gives a very positive influence to those around her. She would certainly merit this award and it would be well deserved for her to get this as she is also supporting the arts around the NY area.


5. How has the librarian made a difference in the community?

There is always a line waiting to get into the library and everyone in NYC is brought together by this learning community. It holds the history of the city and the inspiration for many, which are drawn to live in this great city.