Nomination for Arezoo Moseni

Senior Librarian

The New York Public Library, Mid-Manhattan Library, The Art Collection

New York, New York


Marisa van Pol

New York, NY


1. How long have you known the nominee and how did you come to know him or her?

I am a frequent library user at the Third Floor Art Collection of the Mid-Manhattan Library.  I have known Ms. Arezoo Moseni since March 2001.   At that time, I went to the library to obtain information about an article regarding an obscure painter, which I could not find in other libraries.


The information desk was attended by Arezoo.  She quickly answered my questions and directed me to the right shelf.  Later on, I came back to her with more questions, she patiently listened to and answered promptly.   I was amazed of her knowledge and memory, she did not consult the computer.


2.  Please list a few ways in which the nominee has helped you and others and made your experience of the library a positive one.

Arezoo is an artist, curator and art librarian.  She curated several exhibit series: “Art Wall on Third” and “Art in the Windows” for several years to present time.   They are located in the Third Floor Art Collection and in the 5th.Avenue windows display cases.   The exhibitions are produced specifically for the Mid-Manhattan Library with the curatorial work of Arezoo.   She also contributes positively to the Mid-Manhattan Library “Artist Dialogue” a monthly series with contemporary well-known artists, curators and writers.


I am an Hispanic-American artist painter, and I was not very familiar with the U.S. art materials, brands quality of papers and frames.   So, I approached Arezoo with a lot of questions.   She was very attentive, pleasant, took her time to answer all my concerns and gave me the addresses of the most convenient art stores in New York City.


3. How has the library, and the nominee, improved the quality of your life?

I told Arezoo that I wanted to participate as an artist in one of the exhibitions she curates.  I sent her my bio and samples of my work.   Three years later, she contacted me to review my paintings.   She again helped me a great deal.   We had several sessions where she counseled me generously: about printing, how to handle papers, choice of frames, how to organize and display the images.   Finally, she approved and offered me to exhibit in the 5th. Avenue window. 


I really appreciate her knowledge, the advice she gave me was very helpful.


4. How does the nominee make the library a better place? Please be specific.

The exhibits at the Mid-Manhattan Library are the product of the skills and innovative thinking of Arezoo.   I am a frequent library user, I have seen throughout the years how Arezoo positively transformed the Art Collection’s  floor.    She made it more accessible, friendlier and the public enjoys the artistic (always changing) wall of the reading area.


5. How has the librarian made a difference in the community?

Ms. Arezoo Moseni made a difference in the community: she is a very accomplished librarian.  She has a dual role: 1) for several years, at the Information Desk, she has been helping the public in a very efficient way.


2) Besides as an artist-curator of the Mid-Manhattan Library Arezoo has been dealing with complex, multiple art exhibits which stimulate one thinking, enrich our lives and contribute to the art of the 21st. century and gives community artists opportunity to exhibit their works there.                                                              


I strongly nominate Arezoo Moseni for the award. She deserves this award.